Push & Dose

• Push & Dose, a new and revolutionary dosing invention for the consumer market, that gives perfect sprinkling of powdery and granulated products
• The pouch is easy to open by removing the top part and a gentle pressure towards the edges gives a controlled dosing
• The Push & Dose unit has a smart closing mechanism, this keeps product fresh for a long time
• Push & Dose, a groundbreaking innovation (Patent Pending)
• A new and economic package with a dosing solution for perfect sprinkling

Watch Push & Dose presentation video (password protected)

Saba – the history

In many ways the history of Saba is the history behind the history of Fimtech AS. NRK – has written an intresting piece about Saba, which was established in 1940. (In Norwegian)

A pouch with a dosing device

Fimtech has invented a pouch with a dosing device. It was introduced for the first time at Scanpack, Scandinavias largest packaging exhiubition 20th to the 23rd of October.
The pouch can be filled with any powder or granular product for dosing, such as powder for hair, spices and herbs or seeds.
After opening along the “scissor line” and held upside down you activate the dosing device by pressing at the edges with your fingers.
The powder will sift down wide, even and accurate, and the amount can be regulated by the pressure applied by your fingers.
When the dosing is finished the pouch is turned upside down and the opening can be closed by an enclosure clip.

Fimtech has applied for a patent.

Not too bad at all

It’s Friday, and the Fimtech team has now been working for one week at our new premises at Bekkeveien 161 in Stokke. The truth is, it is even better working here than in the building that burnt down. The assembly hall is larger, the offices are bigger, and the canteen is huge. It is too early to say if we will be here permanently, but one thing is for certain: if we do, this is a great place to work.



Assembley hall. It needs some clean up though.


Our canteen.


Outside our canteen.


Parking space for growth. There is probably enough space for 200 cars.

Fimtech is up and running

11811524_672220772909233_1156438252274237053_nFimtech was up and running only one working day after the fire. Tuesday morning 10 o’clock. Everybody had working PCs. Later that day our Process and Mechanical Design Team had it’s first customer meeting talking about an ongoing project as if nothing had happened.