A visit by the Mayor

It was a great honor to receive the Mayor of Tønsberg Kommune, Ms. Anne Rygh Pedersen, who visited our facilities the 13.January 2021, in the occation of a Covid-19 sponsorship received. Here our CEO the preses to the delegation our latest invention and machine building capacity.

Push & Dose wins ScanStar 2019 award

Fimtech proudly announces that our Push & Dose has won the ScanStar 2019 award. The Push & Dose pouch allows for seasoning products to be easily dispensed via the built-in membrane with holes. Squeeze the bag at the top and the membrane opens.

This is what the jury said about Push & Dose:

• “A functional and innovative solution, a package easy to use”
• “It’s a good example of new thinking that combines more than one technical solution.”
• “It replaces glass jars and lowers transportation costs.”

Awarding of the ScanStar prize will occur at Emballasjedagene 2019 (Packaging Days) in Sandefjord, Norway November 14, 2019.

Fimtech attends Global Pouch Forum

11-13 June 2019 Fimtech participated at the Global Pouch Forum in Chicago, Illinois. This was the first time Fimtech displayed Push & Dose pouches at a trade show. Representatives from more than 26 companies visited our stand, and the overwhelming response was “Wow” when we demonstrated the Push & Dose function. Many leading companies in the packaging industry showed interest in our new dosing device.

Push & Dose

• Push & Dose, a new and revolutionary dosing invention for the consumer market, that gives perfect sprinkling of powdery and granulated products
• The pouch is easy to open by removing the top part and a gentle pressure towards the edges gives a controlled dosing
• The Push & Dose unit has a smart closing mechanism, this keeps product fresh for a long time
• Push & Dose, a groundbreaking innovation (Patent Pending)
• A new and economic package with a dosing solution for perfect sprinkling

Watch Push & Dose presentation video

Saba – the history

In many ways the history of Saba is the history behind the history of Fimtech AS. NRK – has written an intresting piece about Saba, which was established in 1940. (In Norwegian)